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Games & Puzzles

Discover a world of fun and learning with Toytastic’s games and puzzles.

Our selection includes classic board games, jigsaw puzzles, and innovative toys from trusted brands like Buki, Goki, and more.

Challenge your child’s mind with timeless games like Chess, Chinese Checkers, and Backgammon. Play as a family with GO, Shut the Box, or build a tower with Goki Tumbling Towers. For solo play, try animal-themed jigsaw puzzles or master sequences with logic games.

Puzzle out scenes of baby animals, a busy farm, or emergency vehicles with lift-out jigsaws. Learn the alphabet and numbers with letter and numeral puzzles. There are also cube and 3D puzzles to build motor skills. Help your child develop focus, critical thinking, and problem-solving with our games and puzzles.

At Toytastic, we make learning fun. Our games encourage family interaction and friendly competition. Puzzles build concentration while exploring colourful designs. Discover the joy of play and expand your child’s mind with our selection of games and puzzles below.