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Captivating Creativity with Character – Toddler Craft Toys

Welcome to a wonderland of creative fun, where beloved characters and vibrant imaginations collide! Here, at Toytastic, we’ve curated a collection of toddler craft toys. These are enchanting, character-themed toys designed to spark little firecrackers of creativity in your little ones.

Dive into playful adventures with everyone’s favourite furry friends and storybook heroes, all while nurturing early learning, boosting cognitive skills, and igniting artistic expression. Let’s explore this colourful realm of creative play, one character at a time!



Unleash Pup-tastic Creativity!

Paw Patrol: My First Doodle & A B C (£34.99) – Join Chase, Marshall, and the rest of the Pawsome Patrol on a journey of learning and laughter! This interactive set introduces toddlers to letters, numbers, and basic drawing, all within the exciting world of Paw Patrol. Engaging activities on each page make early learning fun and interactive, while colourful stickers and stencils add a touch of creative flair. With Chase’s handy eraser and a vibrant selection of drawing tools, little ones can unleash their inner artists and create pawsome masterpieces.

Creative Crafts with Peppa Pig!

Peppa Pig Creative Stamp Set £19.99 – Oinktastic fun awaits with the Peppa Pig Creative Stamp Set! This exciting kit lets toddlers stamp their way to creative storytelling. Featuring adorable self-inking stamps of Peppa, George, and their friends, it’s perfect for designing greeting cards, decorating scrapbook pages, or simply stamping out vibrant scenes for endless imaginative play. With stickers, pencils, and a notepad included, the possibilities are as limitless as Peppa’s muddy puddles!

Hopping into Fun: Build & Learn with Bing!

Bing Wooden Puzzle (£19.99) – Help Bing bunny hop into your little one’s world with this charming wooden puzzle. Crafted from durable, eco-friendly wood, it offers a tactile and engaging experience as toddlers piece together the chunky pieces to reveal delightful images of Bing and his friends. More than just fun, this puzzle enhances cognitive development, promotes problem-solving skills, and fosters patience and concentration. Watch as your child’s face lights up with accomplishment as they complete the puzzle, piece by piece.

As children assemble each circuit on the boards provided, they’ll grasp electronics basics like circuits, conductivity and components. With no soldering required, it provides safe, hands-on learning for ages 8 and above.

Enchanting Adventures Await: Piece Together the Gruffalo Story!

The Gruffalo: 4 in 1 Puzzle (£19.99) – Venture into the deep, dark wood with this enchanting 4-in-1 puzzle set! Featuring four separate puzzles showcasing iconic scenes from the beloved story of The Gruffalo, it offers hours of imaginative play and cognitive development. Each puzzle piece is crafted with precision and care, bringing the Gruffalo’s world to life with vibrant colours and charming illustrations. As your child assembles each puzzle, they’ll build problem-solving skills, improve fine motor skills, and immerse themselves in the magic of storytelling.

Let Mickey & Friends Spark Imagination!

Disney Mickey & Friends: Doodle & Hand Lettering Set (£44.99) – Let Mickey, Minnie, and the whole Disney gang sprinkle some magical creativity onto your little one’s life! This treasure trove of artistic tools includes glitter pens, fine liners, brush pens, pencils, and a spacious notebook just waiting to be filled with wondrous creations. Delightful stickers, an eraser, and a stencil add an extra layer of fun, while the set’s compact size makes it perfect for little hands to explore. Whether your child enjoys drawing, doodling, or hand lettering, this set provides endless opportunities for artistic expression and imaginative storytelling.

Cocomelon Memory Game for Tots!

Cocomelon Maxi Memo Game (£19.99) – Sing along and play along with JJ and the Cocomelon crew! This engaging Maxi Memo Game is a delightful way to combine memory matching with fun learning. Featuring 24 extra-large, sturdy cards adorned with everyone’s favourite Cocomelon characters, it’s perfect for toddlers to develop their memory skills, exercise cognitive abilities, and enjoy interactive gameplay.

Watch as your child’s face lights up with recognition as they find matching pairs, and witness their confidence grow as they master the game. It’s the perfect toddler craft toy.

Embrace the Power of Play: Ignite Your Child's Creativity Today!

Remember, playtime is more than just fun with these creative toys! Each character-themed set is designed to nurture young minds, spark imaginations, and create cherished memories. So, grab your paints, crayons, and puzzle pieces, and get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and learning with your little one!

Ready to unlock a world of wonder? Explore our full collection of character-themed creative toys at Toytastic today! – Take a look below at our full range of products, or browse our arts, crafts & music section.

We believe that learning shouldn’t be confined to textbooks and screens. Through our carefully curated selection of engaging toddler craft toys, we aim to make education an exciting adventure for every child. Let’s ignite little imaginations and nurture a lifelong love of learning, together!