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Discover Buki STEM Learning & Development Toys at Toytastic!

At Toytastic, we believe the best toys not only entertain, but also engage young minds through active, creative play. That’s why we’re thrilled to showcase Buki, an enriching line of toys that combine learning and fun seamlessly.

Buki inspires children to explore STEM concepts, mechanics, science and more through hands-on educational playthings. These innovative toys transform learning into a captivating adventure that fuels curiosity and ignites young imaginations.

Take a look at our featured selection of Buki toys below:



Race against Gravity with Buki Marbles Challenge

Buki – Marbles Challenge – £29.99. Get ready for thrilling, fast-paced fun with Buki’s Marbles Challenge game! This marble run maze brings out friendly competition as player’s race their coloured marbles through traps and obstacles. Use the bellows to speed up or slow down your marble, aiming to reach the finish line first.

With hand-eye coordination skills and quick thinking determining the winner, it’s an entertaining game that also builds crucial developmental skills. Suitable for ages 7 and up.

Grow Dazzling Crystals with Buki Mini Lab Crystals Buki

Mini Lab Crystals – £14.99. The Mini Lab Crystals kit from Buki lets budding scientists grow their own brilliant crystals with ease! Simply mix the powder into boiling water, add the crystal grains, and watch in awe as vibrant crystals form within two days.

Children will love displaying their crystalline creations. It’s a fun introduction to chemistry that keeps kids engaged while teaching them about crystal growth. Ideal for ages 8 and up.

Master Electronics Basics with Buki Mini Lab Electronics Buki

Mini Lab Electronics – £14.99. The Buki Mini Lab Electronics kit opens up the exciting world of electronics to curious young tinkerers! It includes all the components needed to build six cool electronic circuits, like a nightlight, alarm clock and intruder alarm.

As children assemble each circuit on the boards provided, they’ll grasp electronics basics like circuits, conductivity and components. With no soldering required, it provides safe, hands-on learning for ages 8 and above.

Bring a V8 Engine to Life with Buki Toys V8 Model

Buki Toys – V8 Engine – £99.99. The meticulously detailed Buki Toys V8 Engine Model Kit offers an enriching, hands-on experience for future engineers. With 270+ parts, builders assemble a model V8 engine that comes alive with moving pistons, lights and engine sounds!

The accompanying booklet explains the 4-stroke engine cycle and model operation, taking kids through each stage while unveiling the science behind this marvel. A screen-free STEM toy that engages imaginations and teaches real automotive engineering principles.

Conjure Up Excitement with Buki Wizard Chemistry Buki Toys

Wizard Chemistry: 30 Experiments – £59.99. Abracadabra! The Buki Wizard Chemistry set transforms kids into miniature scientists, letting them concoct 30 magical experiments that smoke, glow and fizz with wonder! Budding wizards use the cauldron tools and chemical ingredients to create dazzling reactions.

While having a blast, they’ll pick up core concepts like chemical reactions. The spellbinding experiments entertain for hours while sparking scientific curiosity. Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Discover More Buki STEM toys at Toytastic!

We’re delighted to offer enriching toys like these Buki sets that make learning & development an exciting adventure. If these imaginative STEM toys have sparked your interest, explore our full range of educational toys that unlock fresh adventures in learning through play.

From coding robots to volcano kits, we have an array of toys to expand young minds while they embark on new discoveries. Learning comes to life when it’s hands-on and fun! Start your child’s journey today with our vast selection of developmental toys – take a look below!