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Discover Ingenious STEM Toys from Engino at Toytastic

At Toytastic, we’re dedicated to bringing young minds the most innovative and educational toys to ignite their curiosity. That’s why we’re excited to offer Engino creative toys, an enriching line of STEM toys that make learning captivating.

Engino’s creative toys builds & sets promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills through hands-on play. Their sets allow children to explore engineering principles, design, and mechanics in an engaging way. With diverse projects that evolve in complexity, Engino Toys provides the perfect introduction to STEM concepts.

Take a look at our featured Engino toys below and let your child embark on thrilling new adventures of discovery:



Embark on an Engineering Journey!

The Creative Engineering 30 in 1 Maker Master set from Engino is the ultimate introduction to engineering and design. This comprehensive STEM kit features 30 diverse projects that will captivate and challenge young minds. From constructing complex machines to building innovative devices, each creation enhances critical thinking while making learning exciting. Give your child the gift of creativity and a passion for STEM with this remarkable kit.

Discover Boundless Creativity

The Creative Builder 30 Models Motorized Multimodel Set takes creativity to new heights! This innovative engineering kit uses a unique building approach to introduce 6+ year olds to the fascinating world of STEM. Built on Engino’s timeless system, it effortlessly constructs 30 unique models. With the addition of a 2-speed motor, children can bring their vehicles, dinosaurs and helicopters to life! This set nurtures imagination while teaching core engineering concepts.

Kickstart STEM Skills!

The Creative Builder 20 Models Multimodel Set provides the perfect introduction to STEM creativity for ages 6+. Using Engino’s pioneering building concept, budding engineers can construct an array of 20 unique models. As children build everything from cranes to race cars, this versatile kit enhances problem-solving abilities and spatial skills. Add motion with the included motor for even more fun!

Creative Builds with Colour Combinations!

Let your child’s ingenuity shine with the Creative Builder 15 Models Designer Set! This versatile STEM toy empowers young designers to build 15 unique creations, from structures to moving contraptions. As they bring each model to life, children will grasp engineering concepts while enhancing fine motor skills. It’s the ideal set to nurture your child’s potential. This particular set is catered towards young girls – with light blues, pinks and luminous greens!

Take Playtime to New Heights

The Inventor Motorized Double-Blade Helicopter takes playtime to the next level! This innovative kit builds creativity and STEM skills in 7+ year olds. With a feature helicopter boasting superb detailing and functionality, it introduces children to engineering principles in an engaging way. Plus, 10 additional models provide endless educational play. Let your child take off on new adventures!

Discover More Award-Winning STEM Toys from Engino at Toytastic

Engino’s enriching toys open up a whole new world of hands-on learning and fun. Explore our full collection of educational sets that bring STEM concepts to life. We also offer many other engaging STEM toys from leading brands.

 Browse our store today to find the perfect gift to spark your child’s curiosity! – take a look below at our related products.