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Discover Enchanting Craft Toys for Imaginative Young Girls

At Toytastic, we believe toys should nurture creativity, spark joy, and inspire young minds. That’s why we’re delighted to present our spellbinding collection of craft toys for girls that unlock artistic fun and skill-building playtime.

Designed for ages 5 and up, our selection of craft kits empowers girls to explore their artistic talents through crafting, jewellery making, painting, and more. With each engaging activity, girls can immerse themselves in creative adventures that build confidence, fine motor skills, and a sense of pride in their handmade pieces.



Embark on a Jewellery Making Journey with Frozen Charms

Frozen 2 in 1 Diamond Painting and Charm Bracelet Twin Pack – £24.99 – Combining art and accessory crafting, the Frozen 2 in 1 Diamond Painting and Charm Bracelet Twin Pack ignites creative fun inspired by the beloved Frozen characters. As your child places dazzling gemstones and designs mesmerizing patterns, their jewellery-making skills will shine as they craft charming Frozen bracelets. This is the perfect gift to unlock artistic play.

Weave Vibrant Friendship Bracelets to Share

Be Teens (Age 8+) – Friendship Bracelets – £29.99 The “Be Teens (Age 8+) – Friendship Bracelets” kit invites girls to immerse themselves in friendship bracelet crafting. With 10 vibrant threads, beads, and charms, they can mix and match colours to design trendy bracelets that reflect their one-of-a-kind style. As they concentrate and carefully weave, their fine motor skills will strengthen through this rewarding process.

Dive into Dazzling Frozen Jewellery Making

Disney Frozen II – Sister Love Jewels – £25.99 – Spark imaginative play with the Frozen II Sister Love Jewels set. As your child explores this jewellery making kit, their creativity will flourish as they design magical Frozen-themed pieces with enchanting beads, charms and shimmering threads. Watch their pride beam as they show off their new handcrafted jewels.

Explore Underwater Jewellery Themes

Disney Princess Ocean Jewellery – £19.99 – Inspire artistic fun with Disney Princess Ocean Jewellery. With its ocean-themed pieces, this delightful set will send your child’s imagination on an aquatic adventure as they dive into dress-up and playtime.

Design Your Own Stylish Minnie Mouse Bag

Make your own Minnie Mouse felt bag – £24.99 – The Make your own Minnie Mouse felt bag kit sparks creativity as your child designs their own Minnie-themed bag. With easy instructions and premium materials, they’ll gain a sense of accomplishment as they craft a unique, stylish bag showcasing their artistic flair.

Learn the Art of Dreamcatchers through Jewellery

Be Teens – Dreamcatcher Jewellery – £14.99 – Introduce the tradition of dreamcatchers through this delightful jewellery making kit. As girls craft five dreamcatcher-inspired pieces, including bracelets and necklaces, they’ll develop fine motor skills while embracing Native American culture. This is the perfect way to explore dreamcatcher artistry.

Store Treasures in a Magical Gabby’s Dollhouse Box

Gabby’s Dollhouse – Jewellery Box – £19.99 – The Gabby’s Dollhouse Jewellery Box invites your child to store their precious jewels and trinkets in a magical place that ignites their imagination. With compartments and a drawer, they’ll love organizing their necklaces, bracelets and rings while learning responsibility. It’s the perfect gift for a Gabby’s Dollhouse fan.

Unlock Your Child's Creativity with Toytastic

At Toytastic, our imaginative craft toys for girls empower young artists to embrace creativity through skill-building play.

With imaginative kits for jewellery making, painting, weaving, and more, we have an array of engaging activities that build skills through hands-on creativity. Our craft toys for girls are designed to nurture artistic talents and boost confidence through accomplishment and pride.

As a leading toy supplier in the UK, we make it our mission to spread joy nationwide by delivering beloved toys that inspire and delight. Our craft kits withstand energetic play while providing premium quality.

If your child is ready to dive into creative adventures, explore our full range of arts, crafts, and DIY toys under the Arts & Crafts section today. With activities for every interest and ability, we have creative toys that will unlock your child’s inner artist and fuel their imagination.

Let creativity shine at Toytastic! Find the perfect craft toy to delight your child today.