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Professional Studio (Age 8+) – Designer Studio


Introducing the Professional Studio (Age 8+) – Designer Studio, an enchanting DIY haven designed for creative minds aged 8 and above. Unleash their inner couturier as they craft and customize trendy outfits for a world of imaginative play.

The design process is a breeze. Begin by positioning a figure template within the workstation, setting the stage for the creation of stylish ensembles. The kit boasts four versatile stencils that encompass not only diverse clothing designs but also hairstyles and accessories. With an array of materials at their fingertips, including self-adhesive fabric, feathers, glitter, felt, ribbons, buttons, and sequins, your child’s creations will take on an awe-inspiring charm.

This comprehensive set doesn’t stop at fabrics and embellishments. It includes an array of tools that fashion designers of all ages will appreciate. From felt-tip pens to watercolour pencils, every stroke will be a step toward their masterpiece. The package also features a pair of scissors and a pencil sharpener, ensuring precise cuts and lines for their artistic visions.

Organizing creativity is a cinch, thanks to the workstation’s thoughtful design. Plus, the base stores all the essentials, keeping the workspace tidy and ready for their next couture creation. And as the finishing touch, a beautifully illustrated 20-page booklet guides them through the process, offering inspiration and ideas along the way.

Elevate their playtime experience and foster their fashion-forward dreams with the Professional Studio (Age 8+) – Designer Studio. From runway-ready outfits to limitless creativity, this kit offers a world of imagination.

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