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Telescope Optical Glass (Age 8+) – 15 Activities


Explore the Cosmos with the Telescope Optical Glass (Age 8+) – 15 Activities, an engaging and educational journey through the celestial wonders designed for children aged 8 and above. Unlock the mysteries of the night sky and ignite your child’s curiosity with this captivating telescope.

With a lens diameter of 50 mm and two interchangeable eyepieces (20 mm and 4 mm), budding astronomers can delve deep into the universe and witness the magic of stars, planets, and even the Moon’s craters with astounding clarity. Whether it’s gazing at distant galaxies or observing the intricate details of our solar system, this telescope opens up a world of exploration.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. This versatile telescope isn’t just limited to night-time sky exploration. During the day, it transforms into a tool for discovering the world around us, from observing animals to iconic landmarks. The package includes a comprehensive 15-activity instruction booklet, guiding your young stargazer through exciting astronomical discoveries and daytime observations alike.

Standing at 89 cm tall, the included floor tripod provides stability and convenience for seamless observations. The Telescope Optical Glass also comes with a sky map to aid in identifying constellations and celestial bodies. Unleash the potential of your child’s imagination with this starter telescope that blends learning and play. Foster a love for science and exploration as they embark on an adventure across the cosmos and beyond.

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