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Buki Toys – Lotto/Bingo Junior


Introduce Buki Toys – Lotto/Bingo Junior, the ultimate educational game for your little ones. This delightful toy offers a fun and engaging way for kids to learn colours, numbers, and animals.

The game, simple yet captivating, begins by selecting a card and appointing a game master to draw the balls. If the drawn ball matches one on your card, it’s time to place a token on it. Players compete with excitement to complete their grid first and claim victory.

Inside the box, discover all you need to start:

  • 10 double-sided grids, ensuring hours of gameplay.
  • 30 balls adorned with charming animals and numbers.
  • 10 coveted trophy tokens for celebrating the winners.
  • Additionally, there are 60 transparent tokens to track your progress.

Suits children aged 3 years and up perfectly. It’s an exceptional tool for developing cognitive skills, improving memory, and fostering friendly competition among young minds. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to transform learning into a joyous adventure for your kids. Bring home the Buki Toys – Lotto/Bingo Junior today and witness their curiosity and knowledge flourishing. Ideal for ages 3 and above. Make learning fun!

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