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Buki Toys – Wizard Chemistry: 30 Experiments


Introducing the Buki Toys – Wizard Chemistry: 30 Experiments!

Unleash the magic within your child’s imagination with this captivating cauldron of wonder! Designed for young wizards aged 8 and above. This enchanting set brings the world of chemistry to life. Transforming your child into a true sorcerer.

With the Buki Wizard Chemistry kit, your young magician can conjure up 30 captivating experiments. Watch in amazement as they create magic smoke, mesmerizing light effects, and mysterious potions that will dazzle and surprise their audience.

Inside the cauldron, you’ll find all the essential tools for spellbinding experiments, including a pipette wand, a spoon wand, a 100ml beaker, a mixing straw, spoons, goggles, string, and a palette of vibrant colours (red, blue, yellow) to craft their potions with precision. But the real magic lies in the five harmless chemicals provided: bicarbonate of soda, sodium alginate, calcium chloride, litmus blue, and red phenol.

To become a master wizard, all your child needs to do is activate the captivating light effects and enchanting smoke, using the included magic wands. It’s a journey of discovery, learning, and endless fun with Buki Toys – Wizard Chemistry: 30 Experiments!

(Please note: requires 4 x AA batteries – not included).

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