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Discover boundless creativity with the CREATIVE BUILDER – 30 MODELS MULTIMODEL SET, designed for Ages 6+. This innovative engineering kit introduces youngsters to the exciting world of STEM through its unique building approach. Part of the acclaimed CREATIVE BUILDER – Multimodel series, this kit advances from the successful 2017 INVENTOR line by Engino.

At the heart of this series lies ENGINO’s essence, showcasing the ability to effortlessly construct a diverse array of models. Built on the timeless building system, this kit bridges the gap for 6-year-olds, connecting the Qboidz and Mechanics lines. The CREATIVE BUILDER – 30 MODELS MULTIMODEL SET emphasizes cultivating imagination, commencing with a foundation of 10 models and escalating to an astonishing 30 unique creations.

Within the collection of sets encompassing 30 models or more, ENGINO’s novel 2-speed motor enchants your designs with life and motion. From vehicles and structures to dinosaurs and helicopters, only a child’s imagination sets the boundaries. Nevertheless, please note that this product contains small components, posing a swallowing hazard for children under 3 years old.

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