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INVENTOR MECHANICS – Excavator with 5 bonus models


Experience imaginative learning and creativity with the revolutionary INVENTOR MECHANICS series – excavator. Designed to captivate young minds, these sets unlock a world of possibilities. Crafted with precision, our patent-pending components including high-precision wheels, ingenious mechanisms, and snap-fit curved surfaces, elevate both aesthetics and technical features.

Engage 7-year-olds with the smaller sets, while older children embrace the challenge of larger sets, some even featuring a geared motor. The pinnacle of the series introduces advanced robotics technology, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, and intuitive software control.

Transform playtime into a realm of exploration and innovation with the INVENTOR MECHANICS series – excavator. Encourage learning through hands-on engagement, building not only structures but also foundational skills. Choose Toytastic and empower young builders to shape their future.

Explore the INVENTOR MECHANICS series now and nurture your child’s ingenuity!

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