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Discover the captivating INVENTOR MECHANICS – Speed Racer with 5 bonus models—a perfect blend of education and excitement for young minds. Designed to spark your child’s curiosity, this set offers endless hands-on exploration. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the INVENTOR MECHANICS series features a thematic approach and an impressive main model that delights budding engineers and racers.

A novel library of patent-pending components seamlessly integrates into the ENGINO system, blending aesthetics with innovation. From high-precision wheels to intricate mechanisms, each piece enhances the construction process while adding sophistication to the final creation.

Catering to different skill levels, the smaller sets are perfect for 7-year-olds, offering an entry into mechanics. Older children can embrace challenge with larger sets that include a geared motor, elevating creativity and problem-solving.

For tech enthusiasts, the top-tier offering introduces Robotics technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and software control. Imagine controlling your Speed Racer creation through innovative software—a gateway to limitless adventures and learning.

Ignite imagination and technical prowess with the INVENTOR MECHANICS – Speed Racer set. Whether your child’s a budding engineer or racing enthusiast, this set promises entertainment and valuable lessons in construction, mechanics, and innovation.

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