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Introducing the CREATIVE BUILDER – 20 MODELS MULTIMODEL SET, a gateway to a new realm of creativity for Ages 6+. This engineering marvel offers a pioneering entry into the world of STEM through its groundbreaking building concept. As a highlight of the fresh CREATIVE BUILDER – Multimodel series, this kit stands as a magnificent upgrade from the triumphant 2017 INVENTOR line by Engino.

This series radiates the core spirit of ENGINO, highlighting the power to effortlessly and swiftly craft an array of models. The set operates on the timeless building system, making it a cherished companion for 6-year-olds, bridging the gap between the Qboidz and Mechanics lines. The CREATIVE BUILDER – 20 MODELS MULTIMODEL SET revolves around nurturing imagination, launching from a 10-model foundation and progressing to an awe-inspiring collection of 120 models.

Within the selection of sets boasting 30 models or more, ENGINO’s novel 2-speed motor makes its debut, bringing vibrancy and motion to your creations. From automobiles and cranes to prehistoric creatures and helicopters, the only boundary is the creative horizon of a child. Nonetheless, please bear in mind that this product contains minute components that could present a swallowing risk, hence its unsuitability for children under 3 years old.

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