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INVENTOR MECHANICS – Tipper truck with 5 bonus models


Introducing the INVENTOR MECHANICS – Tipper truck with 5 bonus models! Discover a world of creativity and learning for your little ones with this incredible set. Crafted to engage young minds while providing endless hours of fun, this kit combines education with entertainment seamlessly.

With a thematic approach and the ability to build multiple models, the INVENTOR MECHANICS series offers an impressive main model that captures the imagination. The package includes an array of patent-pending components, such as precision wheels, intricate mechanisms, and snap-fit curved surfaces, all seamlessly integrated into the ENGINO system. These additions not only enhance the overall aesthetics but also elevate the technical features of the set.

Designed to cater to different age groups, the smaller sets cater to the creative minds of 7-year-olds, while older children are presented with more complex challenges through the larger sets, some of which even include a geared motor. For those seeking the ultimate adventure, the top-tier option offers a step-up in complexity by incorporating robotics technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and software control.

Invest in your child’s growth and development by providing them with the INVENTOR MECHANICS – Tipper truck with 5 bonus models. Watch as their creativity soars and their problem-solving skills flourish in an exciting and educational environment.

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