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4 Pecking Chickens


Looking for a delightful and engaging toy that will bring hours of joy to your little one? Look no further than the “4 Pecking Chickens” by Goki. Crafted with care from wood and adorned with vibrant, eye-catching colours, this toy is designed to spark your child’s imagination and provide endless opportunities for pretend play.

These charming wooden chickens are not just ordinary toys; they’re companions on a creative journey. Watch as your child explores the world of make-believe, imagining stories and adventures with these feathered friends. Whether it’s a farmyard scene or an exciting countryside adventure, the “4 Pecking Chickens” are ready to play along.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these chickens are perfect for children aged X and above. Their sturdy construction ensures durability, so they can peck and play for years to come.

The “4 Pecking Chickens” offer a hands-on experience that fosters motor skills and encourages imaginative thinking. Your child will love arranging them, making them peck, and creating their own little poultry world. Add a touch of wholesome fun to your child’s playtime with the “4 Pecking Chickens” by Goki. Buy now and let the adventures begin!

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