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Lift-out Puzzle – African Baby Animals


Introducing the African Baby Animals Lift-out Puzzle from goki – a delightful playtime companion for your little one’s early learning adventures. This enchanting puzzle is designed with extra-large knobs and adorned with vibrant, captivating motifs. Making it the perfect choice for your child’s first puzzle-solving experience.

With its charming illustrations of African animals, including the graceful giraffe. The majestic elephant. The playful hippo. The elegant flamingo. The speedy jaguar. And the distinctive zebra.  This puzzle sparks your child’s curiosity about the fascinating world of wildlife. Each piece is crafted to fit comfortably in tiny hands, promoting fine motor skills development and hand-eye coordination.

It’s an educational tool that encourages cognitive development in a fun and engaging way. As your child manipulates the puzzle pieces and fits them into place, they’ll enhance their problem-solving abilities and spatial awareness.

Crafted with durability in mind, this puzzle ensures hours of playtime enjoyment. The cheerful colours and cartoony characters captivate your child’s imagination and keep them entertained while learning about African wildlife. Bring the wonders of the African savannah into your child’s playroom. Watch them grow, learn, and explore with the African Baby Animals Lift-out Puzzle.

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