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Lift out Puzzle – Objects


Discover a world of joy and learning with our extraordinary Lift out Puzzle – Objects!

Crafted with your child’s development in mind, this puzzle is designed to delight and educate young minds.

The extra-large wooden knobs make it easy for little hands to grasp and manoeuvre, promoting fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. As your child engages with this puzzle, they’ll encounter a charming array of child-friendly motifs, including a bright-coloured ball, a friendly rocking horse, a playful apple tree, and a delectable ice cream cone.

Each piece of this puzzle tells a story, encouraging your child’s imagination to soar. Watch as they piece together the colourful ball, setting it into its rightful place. See them trot along with the rocking horse, creating their own adventures. Let them pluck apples from the tree and dream of picnics under the shade. And of course, indulge in the delicious delight of the ice cream cone.

Designed to entertain and educate, the “Lift Out Puzzle” is the perfect addition to your child’s playtime routine. It not only provides hours of fun but also fosters cognitive development and problem-solving skills.

Bring the joy of everyday objects to life with this exceptional puzzle. Order the Lift out Puzzle – Objects today at Toytastic and let your child’s imagination take flight.

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