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Flexible Puppets – Camping Family


Introducing the Flexible Puppets – Camping Family, the delightful addition to your child’s playtime adventures. Crafted with precision and designed for endless fun, these wooden puppets are a must-have for young imaginations.

These charming puppets possess a unique flexibility that allows them to sit and stand, adding a dynamic dimension to playtime. Whether it’s a camping expedition or a cosy indoor gathering, these puppets bring a touch of magic to every scenario.

Created with the utmost attention to detail, these puppets seamlessly integrate into all Goki dolls houses, enhancing the play experience even further. Watch as your child’s creativity flourishes while they create stories and scenarios with these versatile puppets.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Flexible Puppets – Camping Family are designed to withstand the rigors of play, ensuring they remain a cherished part of your child’s toy collection for years to come.

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