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Lift-out Puzzle – Farm I


Introducing the captivating Farm Animals I Lift-out Puzzle – the perfect choice for your little one’s early learning and fun-filled playtime. Crafted with extra-large knobs and adorned with vibrant, enchanting illustrations, this puzzle is thoughtfully designed to nurture your child’s cognitive development.

With its engaging farmyard theme, your child will embark on an exciting adventure. Colourful wooden cut-outs of a kennel, a barn and a tractor. Additionally, adorable farm animals like cows, sheep, donkeys and more

Designed to be child-friendly and easy to handle. Lift-out Puzzle – Farm I is an excellent choice for young minds (aged 2 and above). The sturdy construction ensures durability, allowing your child to enjoy this puzzle for years to come.

Watch your child’s confidence grow as they successfully complete this puzzle on their own. Boosting their self-esteem and problem-solving abilities. Bring the farmyard to your home and let your child’s imagination run wild. It’s a fantastic addition to your child’s playtime repertoire and makes for a thoughtful gift that combines education with pure, unadulterated fun.

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