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Kubb Vikings Game – Middle Size


Introducing the Kubb Vikings Game – Middle Size, a thrilling outdoor adventure that lets your little ones play chess just like the fearless Vikings of old. This exciting game demands not only strategy but also skill, as players must carefully aim to knock over the opponent’s Kubbs before attempting to conquer the mighty King.

Crafted for endless hours of outdoor fun. It’s perfect for family gatherings, picnics, or playdates in the park. It’s a fantastic way to get your children off their screens and into the great outdoors, where they can engage in healthy competition and sharpen their problem-solving abilities.

This set comes neatly packed in a convenient cotton bag, making it easy to transport to any outdoor venue. Whether you’re heading to the beach, on a camping trip, or simply to your backyard, the Kubb Vikings Game – Middle Size is a must-have addition to your outdoor activities.

Designed for kids of all ages, this game encourages teamwork, concentration, and a healthy dose of friendly rivalry. Watch as your children immerse themselves in a world of strategy, aiming, and laughter while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

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