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Puzzle – Dinosaurs


Bring prehistoric worlds to life with this colourful 48-piece wooden dinosaur puzzle. Featuring a vibrant scene of playful cartoon dinosaurs gathered near a flowing river, this puzzle stimulates young minds through hands-on play. Children will delight in recognising favourites like the giant Brontosaurus and fierce T-Rex as they rebuild the artwork piece-by-piece. The large sturdy pieces are ideal for small hands to grasp and manipulate. As your child carefully connects each interlocking section, they’ll develop vital spatial awareness, critical thinking, and motor skills. The finished 25 x 17 inch puzzle is also perfect for exciting imaginary dinosaur adventures. The lacquered wooden board is durable and easy to wipe clean too. Let your child take a journey into the wondrous age of dinosaurs with this interactive 48-piece puzzle – an ideal gift for kids 3 and up.

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