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Ride On Toys

Experience the Thrill of the Ride with Toytastic’s RollPlay, Rolly, and Classic Pedal Car Ride-On Toys

Discover our premier selection of ride-on toys from top brands like RollPlay, Rolly, and classic pedal cars. Choose modern electric rides with lights and sounds, like RollPlay’s Porsche SUV. Or opt for rugged, pedal-powered tractors from Rolly Toys for imaginative farm play. We also offer charming retro tin pedal cars for vintage fun. Our ride-on toys feature sturdy steel frames, electric motors, and recommended weights for safety. Let your child’s interests take the wheel and cruise in motoring style with our exciting ride-on toy selection.

At Toytastic, memorable childhood adventures start with our ride-on toys. Let your child’s interests and imagination take the wheel as they cruise in motoring style. These are just a couple of examples from our ride-on selection. Discover the thrill of the ride today with our exciting RollPlay, Rolly Toys, and classic pedal cars! – take a closer look through our categories below.

Ride on toys

Rolly FarmTrac

Rolly Farm Trac Premium

Rolly Trio trac

Rolly Trailers

Rolly Tanker

Rolly Diggers

Rolly X-Trac

Rolly Mini trac

Rolly Accessories

Rolly Kid

Rolly Kid Massey Ferguson Tractor & Trailer for Little Adventurers

Rolly Jnr