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Rolly – John Deere Streumax Spreader (Ages 3-10)


Introducing the Rolly John Deere Streumax Spreader, a delightful addition to your child’s playtime adventures. This large, interactive toy is designed to bring joy and excitement to kids aged 3 and up. The Rolly John Deere Streumax Spreader boasts a remarkable chain-driven mechanism, ingeniously connected to its sturdy wheels. What makes it truly special is its ability to mimic the real thing – spreading action that comes to life when the spreader is in motion. And for added convenience, there’s a handle at the front to effortlessly disable the spread.

Control is in the hands (or rather, feet) of your little one as they pedal their connected tractor, adjusting the spreading speed to their liking. It’s a fantastic way to engage their imagination while developing motor skills.

This toy isn’t just fun; it’s also practical. Equipped with a removable lid, it’s perfect for loading and unloading cargo. Plus, it’s compatible with a range of large tractors, making it a versatile addition to their playtime arsenal. Whether your child is a budding farmer or simply loves exploring the world of heavy machinery, this promises hours of entertainment and learning. It’s specifically designed to fit Rolly Tractors and Trucks, ensuring seamless integration into their existing playsets.

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