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Rolly Diggers (Ages 3 – 5) – John Deere Mobile 360 Degree Excavator


Introducing the Rolly Diggers John Deere Mobile 360 Degree Excavator – a thrilling, hands-on adventure for your little one. This impressive toy is engineered to delight budding builders aged 3 and up, igniting their imaginations and fostering hours of creative play.

Realistic Excavation Action

Equipped with two easy-to-use hand-operated levers, this excavator mimics the real thing. Children can scoop up material and transport it with precision, promoting fine motor skills while providing endless entertainment.

360 Degrees of Fun

The magic of this excavator lies in its ability to spin a full 360 degrees on its sturdy base, aided by four robust wheels. Watch as your child explores their surroundings, navigating this toy effortlessly like a foot-to-floor adventure.

Designed for children aged 3 and above, the John Deere Mobile 360 Degree Excavator encourages both fun and skill development. Whether they’re digging in the sandbox or embarking on a backyard expedition, this toy brings out the builder in every child.

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