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Rolly Chess & Draughts (Ages 3+) – Small Chess Pieces


Discover endless fun with the Rolly Chess & Draughts (Ages 3+) – Small Chess Pieces, an exciting addition to your child’s playtime repertoire. This enchanting chess set is designed with precision, ensuring hours of entertainment and cognitive development for your little ones.

Each piece in this remarkable chess set boasts impressive dimensions, providing an engaging tactile experience. The regal King stands tall at 30 cm, while the elegant Queen measures 29 cm. The Bishop and Rook pieces command attention at 26 cm and 21 cm, respectively, and the Knight, full of character, stands at 21 cm. Even the Pawn, at 20 cm, exudes charm.

What sets this chess set apart is its versatility. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it offers endless opportunities for strategic battles under the open sky. The durable construction ensures these pieces can withstand the rigours of outdoor play without losing their charm. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Make playtime unforgettable with this remarkable chess set. Buy the Rolly Chess & Draughts (Ages 3+) – Small Chess Pieces today and let your child’s imagination soar while honing their strategic skills.

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