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Rollplay Flex XL 12V


Take kart racing fun on the go with the incredible Rollplay Flex XL 12V ride-on go-kart! This electric kart folds down with a button, transforming into a compact, easy-to-store size perfect for packing in the car. When it’s time for high-octane action, unfold to reveal a superfast kart reaching speeds up to 8 km/h, enough to get your little racer’s heart racing! The sturdy metal frame and adjustable seat ensure a safe and comfortable ride for kids ages 6 and up. Anti-slip rubber strips on the rear tires provide traction for navigating driveways or raceways with confidence.

A handy storage basket on the back gives riders space to stow toys or treasures uncovered on their adventures. With up to 55 minutes of ride time, the Flex XL’s 12V rechargeable battery powers extended kart racing enjoyment. Give your child the freedom of the racetrack anytime, anywhere with the incredible portable Rollplay Flex XL 12V folding electric go-kart! It takes kart excitement to a whole new level!

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