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Rollplay Nighthawk Bolt 12V


Strike with lightning speed on the sleek Rollplay Nighthawk Bolt 12V ride-on!

This thrilling electric vehicle allows kids to zip around at up to 4mph, leaning left or right to steer around obstacles and race to victory. The compact size and sporty design will inspire days of flashlight tag and driveway races.

The side handlebars help young riders master the art of manoeuvring. As they hold on tight and really lean into those swift turns. Take this lightning-fast ride anywhere and store it conveniently when playtime is over. The 12V rechargeable battery provides up to 90 minutes of continuous runtime. It can be easily recharged overnight.

Designed for ages 4 and up and supporting up to 77lbs, the Nighthawk Bolt 12V ride-on will provide years of enjoyment for kids seeking speed and adventure. With bold colours and a safety flag, this electric ride-on evokes a sense of freedom and confidence in every young racer. Backed by a 1-year limited warranty, the durable construction will keep up with even the most enthusiastic rider. Supercharge their imagination and let them strike like lightning with the Rollplay Nighthawk Bolt 12V!

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