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Rolly – Streumax Spreader (Ages 3-10)


Unleash the joy of farming adventures for your little ones with the Rolly Streumax Spreader, a captivating addition to our children’s toy collection. This delightful spreader, designed for ages 3 and above, promises hours of imaginative play and outdoor exploration. Designed to fit onto Rolly Tractors.

Crafted with precision, the Rolly Streumax Spreader boasts a chain-driven mechanism that comes to life as your child pedals their way through the fields. This dynamic connection to the wheels ensures that the spreader functions seamlessly when in motion. And for added convenience, there’s a handle at the front that allows you to disable the spreading action when needed.

Control the spreading speed effortlessly by letting your young farmer pedal the connected tractor, providing an engaging and interactive experience. Whether they’re sowing the seeds of creativity or tending to make-believe crops, this toy fosters skill development and endless entertainment. Safety and convenience are paramount, and that’s why we’ve designed this spreader with a removable lid, making it easy to load and unload the imaginary cargo. It’s the perfect accessory for all large tractors, ensuring your child’s farming adventures are complete.

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