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Rolly Diggers – Volvo Mobile 360 Degree Excavator (Ages 3-5)


Discover the Rolly Diggers Volvo Mobile 360 Degree Excavator, a thrilling toy that will ignite your child’s imagination. Crafted for young explorers aged 3 and above, this lifelike excavator promises hours of entertainment and learning.

With its intricate design, this excavator replicates the real thing. Two hand-operated levers give your child the feeling of operating a genuine construction vehicle. Watch as they scoop up materials and relocate them effortlessly. The automatic locking arm adds an extra layer of authenticity to their playtime. One of the standout features of this toy is its ability to rotate a full 360 degrees on its base. Thanks to its robust wheels, it glides smoothly across the floor, mimicking the movements of a real excavator. This interactive play experience not only entertains but also fosters motor skills and coordination.

Safety is paramount, and the Rolly Diggers Volvo Mobile 360 Degree Excavator is designed with your child in mind. Sturdy construction ensures durability, while the vibrant colours captivate young minds. Bring the world of construction into your child’s hands and let them embark on exciting adventures.

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