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STEM LABS – Learning about wild animals


Introducing STEM LABS – Learning about Wild Animals: an engaging educational experience tailored for preschoolers, both boys and girls. Developed under the esteemed STEAM LABS JUNIOR line, this innovative series fosters core skills in young minds. With a strong focus on captivating exploration, the product actively engages children of preschool age and above.

Step into the enchanting world of STEM LABS – Learning about Wild Animals, where children embark on an educational journey through four captivating themes, each designed to spark curiosity. Bundled with a companion book, each theme offers an immersive toy-book experience.

Guided by adults, young explorers build models while discovering fascinating facts about the animal kingdom. Step-by-step instructions encourage hands-on construction and comprehension. Additional activities like colouring, connecting dots, and tracing letters enhance cognitive growth.

Shapes, colors, and math concepts are woven in, creating a holistic learning environment. Each kit includes a cutting-edge Augmented Reality app (AR), transforming learning into an interactive adventure.

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