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STEM LABS – Learning about vehicles


Introducing the captivating world of vehicles to your curious young learners has never been more exciting! STEM LABS – Learning about vehicles is a groundbreaking educational toy-book designed especially for preschool children. Unveil the wonders of transportation through hands-on exploration and engaging activities.

With STEM LABS JUNIOR, we’ve created a captivating learning experience that blends play and education seamlessly. Aimed at both boys and girls, this unique range is tailored to preschoolers, making it an ideal choice for nurturing young minds.

Each STEM LABS – Learning about vehicles set comes with a beautifully illustrated book that delves into the fascinating realm of cars, trucks, planes, and more. Encourage interactive learning as your child embarks on a journey of discovery alongside an adult partner. Assemble the vehicle models step-by-step while absorbing intriguing facts about each mode of transport.

Our toy-book sets are more than just educational tools; they’re immersive adventures. Foster creativity with activities like coloring pictures, connecting dots, and tracing numbers and letters. Watch your child’s understanding of shapes, colors, and basic math concepts flourish in an engaging, playful environment.

What sets STEM LABS apart is the inclusion of our cutting-edge Augmented Reality app. With this app, learning becomes an enthralling experience, seamlessly blending the physical and digital worlds. Dive into interactive content that enriches the educational journey, captivating young learners in a world of discovery.

Choose STEM LABS – Learning about vehicles to provide your child with a head start in vital STEM skills while indulging their curiosity and creativity. Make learning an adventure, and let your child’s imagination soar.

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