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Telescope Optical Glass (Age 8+) – 50 Activities


Embark on a Celestial Expedition with the Telescope Optical Glass (Age 8+) – 50 Activities, a captivating gateway to the cosmos tailored for young explorers aged 8 and above. Ignite your child’s fascination with the wonders of the universe through this exceptional telescope.

With a generous 76 mm lens diameter and three versatile eyepieces (20 mm, 12.5 mm, and 4 mm), aspiring astronomers can plunge into the celestial panorama with unparalleled clarity. Delve into the secrets of distant stars, behold the intricate landscapes of planets, and scrutinize the Moon’s craters like never before.

But the allure of this telescope extends beyond night skies. By day, it transforms into a tool for discovering Earth’s treasures, enabling kids to observe animals, landmarks, and more. The telescope arrives with an extensive 50-activity guidebook, enriching their astronomical odyssey and terrestrial explorations alike.

Standing at a convenient 76 cm, the robust metal tube and floor tripod provide stability and ease for seamless observations. Navigate constellations effortlessly with the included sky map, enhancing the learning experience.

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