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Buki Toys – Explosive Science (Age 8+)


Introducing the Buki Toys – Explosive Science (Age 8+)

Prepare for a blast of excitement as your young scientist embarks on a thrilling journey of discovery with the Buki Explosive Science Kit! This captivating kit offers 15 explosive experiments that will ignite their curiosity and spark a passion for science.

With step-by-step guidance provided in the comprehensive 48-page illustrated colour booklet, your child will embark on a safe and educational adventure. From creating a mini geyser to launching a rocket into the sky. Each experiment is designed to captivate young minds while fostering a love for learning.

The kit includes foam protective pads and goggles to ensure that your child can conduct these experiments with confidence. The kit also includes essential tools such as:

a beaker, foam strips, measuring spoon, red colouring, flask, rubber stopper, gold glitter, rocket, plastic tubing, syringe, filter papers, balloons, and a convenient zipped bag for storage.

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