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STEM & Robotics Produino Set


Introducing the STEM & Robotics Produino Education Set – a remarkable learning tool tailored for students aged 12-16+. It’s equally ideal for those 14+, vocational schools, and hobbyist engineers. This innovative kit opens pathways to creativity and knowledge. It is carefully designed to cover essential STEM subjects while exploring advanced programming through text-based coding.

Enclosed in a convenient plastic storage tub with internal dividers, its dimensions measure 43 x 31 x 15 cm. Within, discover 406 plastic parts and 1914 connecting points, comprising a treasure trove of Engino structural and technical components. The kit features a Produino controller, offering 7 input-output ports and fostering connectivity via USB & Bluetooth. The set is built upon the Arduino platform, boasting a vivid 128×64 display and a spacious built-in breadboard for crafting personalized electronic circuits.

Empowering experimentation, this set offers a range of high-level robotic devices: 2 DC motors, a servo motor, a touch sensor, 2 IR sensors, a color sensor, an ultrasonic sensor, and a gyroscope/accelerometer sensor. Budding engineers can construct over 30 STEM and robotic models, fueling immersive hands-on exploration and learning.

Incorporating a distinctive feature, Produino facilitates Data Acquisition. It records sensor readings for analysis and further experimentation, generating individual graphs for each sensor. This feature is particularly valuable for scientific experiments and data-driven investigations.

Included within the package is a comprehensive STEM & Robotics Handbook. This resource covers theoretical foundations, Arduino IDE examples, definitions, mathematical formulas, and detailed lesson plans. Teacher’s guidelines and 32 structured lesson plans facilitate seamless integration into educational curricula, enhancing understanding and practical application.

For programming requirements, the KEIRO Software Manual equips users with insights into controller and peripheral operation, coding methods, examples, and interface navigation. The set’s versatility extends to open project ideas, DIY projects, and an expansive library of 34 experimental models, complete with 3D building instructions and animations.

The Produino Education Set introduces students to an enriched world of STEM and robotics education. It nurtures critical thinking, creativity, and technical prowess. Don’t miss this opportunity to cultivate the engineers and innovators of tomorrow. Elevate your learning experience with the STEM & Robotics Produino Education Set today.

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