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Socker Boppers


Unleash the ultimate playtime with Socker Boppers – a thrilling adventure that trumps even the wildest pillow fights! Engineered for toughness and safety, these Socker Boppers redefine the art of fun. Ideal for boys and girls, indoors or out, these air-inflated champs guarantee a soft, secure way to revel in joyous moments.

Featuring a patented double-cavity air chamber, these boppers provide a cushioning embrace for your wrists and hands, ensuring each hit is a comfy delight. With oversized deluxe no-leak air valves, inflation becomes a breeze, translating to more fun and less wait time. Crafted from heavy-duty 12-gauge vinyl, these Socker Boppers are built tough, promising enduring enjoyment through countless play sessions.

Inflating your boppers is as simple as 1-2-3: Gently pinch the valve’s base while breathing life into it. Keep it just right, not too tight. Secure the valve with the plug, making it flush with the glove’s surface. Slide your hand in, make a fist, and let the excitement unfold. Agility, balance, and coordination find a new ally in every punch!

Accidents are no match for us – a repair patch ensures uninterrupted play. Colours may vary, but endless enjoyment is a guarantee. Designed for ages 5 and up, these Socker Boppers are your ticket to boundless joy. Get ready to bounce, swing, and conquer – order yours today!

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