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Power Bag


Introducing the “Power Bag” – the ultimate playtime companion for your adventurous little ones!

Imagine a 1.4m high punch bag that not only withstands the mightiest punches, karate chops, and kicks your child can muster but also bounces back with lightning speed. The Power Bag is here to transform playtime into an exhilarating adventure.

Crafted from heavy-duty vinyl, this cylindrical wonder is wide at the base, providing stability during those intense play sessions. It slightly tapers towards the top for an ergonomic design that suits kids of all ages. Worried about safety? Don’t be! The Power Bag is air-inflated, ensuring soft, harm-free fun. No need for boxing gloves – your child’s hands are safe and sound.

Want to customize the challenge level? The Power Bag comes with a convenient valve at the bottom, allowing you to fill it with sand. Whether your child is a beginner, in the mood for moderate play, or ready for an extreme workout, this toy adapts to their abilities.

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