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Wind Horse


Introducing the Wind Horse – a majestic addition to your child’s playtime adventures!

This splendid, lifelike rocking horse, dressed in elegant white, is the perfect companion for little riders aged 36 months and above. Crafted with care and durability in mind, it promises hours of joy and imaginative exploration. With its sturdy construction and realistic design, the Wind Horse is not just a toy; it’s a magical steed. The large rocker ensures stability and safety, allowing your little one to gallop to their heart’s content.

This delightful rocking horse boasts a generously sized saddle complete with stirrups, offering a comfortable and secure riding experience. The handles on either side of the horse’s head provide an additional level of support, making it easy for your child to hold on tight while they embark on their imaginary journeys.

Measuring 40 x 73 x 85 cm, the Wind Horse is perfectly sized for your child to hop on and off with ease. Its charming winding mechanism adds an element of wonder and fun, reinforcing its whimsical name.

Bring joy, excitement, and a touch of enchantment into your child’s life with the Wind Horse. Watch their eyes light up as they gallop through their imaginary worlds, fostering creativity and adventure. Order this delightful rocking horse today and let the magic of play unfold!

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