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Rolly Minitrac Case 165 CVX (Ages 1-4)


Unleash boundless excitement and imagination with the Rolly Minitrac Case 165 CVX (Ages 1-4), a delightful companion designed for children aged 1 year and beyond. Let your little ones embark on a journey of pure joy and exploration with this charming foot-to-floor tractor.

The Rolly Minitrac Case 165 CVX features a whimsical design that captures the hearts of young adventurers. With its lifelike details, including an opening bonnet and a playful squeaky horn, it’s the perfect vehicle for your child to steer their way through imaginative playtime. Watch as your little driver gains confidence and coordination while pushing and riding this fantastic tractor. The sturdy construction ensures durability, so your child can enjoy countless hours of indoor and outdoor fun.

Smooth-Rolling Adventures

Equipped with easy-rolling wheels, the Rolly Minitrac glides effortlessly across various terrains, providing a smooth and thrilling ride. It’s an ideal choice to introduce your child to the world of mobility and adventure.

Safety First Safety

is a top priority with the Rolly Minitrac Case 165 CVX. It’s designed with your child’s well-being in mind, ensuring a secure and enjoyable play experience.

Dimensions and Capacity

This foot-to-floor tractor boasts dimensions perfectly suited for young riders. With a weight capacity suitable for children up to 4 years old, it guarantees hours of laughter and exploration.

Let the Rolly Minitrac (Ages 1-4) – Case 165 CVX be the catalyst for your child’s early adventures and motor skill development. Explore endless possibilities and create lasting memories with this charming and durable ride-on toy.

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