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Rolly Chess & Draughts (Ages 3+) – Small Base


Introducing Rolly Chess & Draughts (Ages 3+) Small Base.

The perfect outdoor game for young minds. Crafted with utmost quality, these games are designed to spark creativity while ensuring hours of entertainment.

With a compact “Small Base” design, tailored for small hands and growing intellects. Rolly Chess & Draughts offer a delightful introduction to the world of strategy and fun. Designed for children aged 3 and above, this game is a fantastic way to foster cognitive development. Each piece is carefully crafted to be child-friendly and durable, ensuring endless rounds of gameplay in your garden or at the park.  includes all the essentials for a classic game of chess and draughts. Watch as your children immerse themselves in the world of strategy, make tactical moves, and learn valuable life skills—all while having a blast!

Rolly Chess & Draughts (Ages 3+) – Small Base is the ideal choice for parents. Get these bases today at Toytastic!

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