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Mini Sciences (Age 4+) – Chemistry


Unlock the wonders of chemistry with the “Mini Sciences (Age 4+) – Chemistry” set from Toytastic. This captivating kit introduces young minds to the exciting world of mixtures and reactions through a collection of child-friendly accessories and 10 engaging experiments.

With a playful touch, kids aged 4 and above can embark on a journey of discovery, guided by step-by-step instructions that foster independent exploration. The set includes essential tools like a weighing scale, test tubes, beakers, and a pipette, designed to fit comfortably in small hands. These instruments empower kids to concoct fascinating mixtures, observe captivating reactions, and learn about the basics of scientific inquiry.

Parents will find this kit a valuable ally in their child’s learning journey. Accompanied by an illustrative booklet, the set equips parents with the knowledge needed to support their child’s exploration. Illustrated instructions and experiment sheets ensure that every step is clear and engaging, making learning a shared and enjoyable experience.

Designed with safety and learning in mind, the “Mini Sciences (Age 4+) – Chemistry” kit is a gateway to early scientific understanding. Encourage your child’s curiosity and provide them with the tools to discover the enchanting world of chemistry in a hands-on and interactive way.

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