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Marble Run (Age 8+) – Space Odyssey


Discover the captivating adventure of the Marble Run (Age 8+) – Space Odyssey, a thrilling and creative playset designed to ignite young minds. Standing at an impressive 59 cm tall, this marble run is tailor-made for older kids seeking excitement and challenge. Crafted with precision, it features a special lift mechanism that effortlessly propels marbles to the pinnacle of the intricate maze they’ll construct.

Building becomes a voyage of imagination as children delve into the world of engineering, problem-solving, and creativity. As marbles glide through the intricate pathways, kids learn about gravity, momentum, and spatial relationships, all while having an absolute blast. With multiple model variations available, budding architects can even design their very own custom mazes, making each play session a unique adventure.

To guide young builders on their journey, the package includes an instruction sheet in six languages, ensuring that the building process is smooth and enjoyable. Please note that 2 LR06 batteries are required to power the lift mechanism, and these batteries are not included in the package.

Unlock the door to endless entertainment and learning with the Marble Run (Age 8+) – Space Odyssey. This captivating playset merges education and fun seamlessly, fostering essential skills in an engaging and enjoyable way. It’s the perfect gift for your young explorers who crave both challenges and entertainment.

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