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Buki Toys – Dino Mega Egg


Introducing the Buki Toys Dino Mega Egg – a thrilling educational adventure for young palaeontologists! Dive into the world of dinosaurs with this engaging and interactive toy set.

Unearth the past as you use the provided digging tools to excavate four unassembled dinosaurs: the mighty Tyrannosaurus, the gentle Diplodocus, the impressive Stegosaurus, and the intriguing Styracosaurus. Each of these prehistoric creatures is hidden within a 20 cm plaster egg, waiting to be discovered.

The excitement doesn’t stop there! Once you’ve unearthed the dinosaur pieces, it’s time to become a palaeontologist yourself. Assemble these incredible creatures, piece by piece, and watch in awe as they take shape before your eyes. The set includes a convenient tray for mess-free digging, making it a hassle-free experience for parents and kids alike.

But the learning doesn’t end with the excavation. Dive deeper into the world of dinosaurs with the included illustrated 8-page colour booklet and informative fact sheets about the four dinosaurs. Expand your knowledge and share fascinating facts about these ancient giants with your friends and family.

After assembly, the Tyrannosaurus stands at an impressive 11 cm in height, the Diplodocus at 13 cm, the Stegosaurus at 10 cm, and the Styracosaurus at 9 cm. These lifelike models make for a fantastic display or playtime companions. The Buki Toys Dino Mega Egg is suitable for budding archaeologists aged 8 years and above, providing hours of educational fun and discovery. Inspire your child’s curiosity and imagination with this hands-on adventure into the world of dinosaurs.

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