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INVENTOR ROBOTIZED – GinoBot with extra motor & 10 bonus models


Introducing the INVENTOR ROBOTIZED – GinoBot with extra motor & 10 bonus models! This cutting-edge robot is perfect for nurturing your child’s curiosity and creativity while providing a solid foundation in STEM disciplines.

Designed with a thematic approach and multi-model capabilities, the INVENTOR MECHANICS series takes learning to new heights. The GinoBot, a highlight of this series, offers an impressive main model and a library of patent-pending components. These components include precision wheels, mechanisms, and snap-fit curved surfaces, enhancing both aesthetics and technical features.

GinoBot is more than just a robot – it’s an opportunity for hands-on learning. Developed by a team of engineers and academics, GinoBot serves as an exceptional tool for teaching computational thinking and digital literacy in an engaging manner. Its programmable nature sparks exploration, allowing students to embark on diverse projects at various levels.

The versatility of GinoBot knows no bounds. With the ability to accommodate third-party electronics like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and micro: bit, the learning possibilities expand exponentially. Its internal sensors, coupled with compatibility with the ENGINO building system, enable the creation of larger and more sophisticated robots.

From its plug-and-play functionality, which is ideal for algorithmic and computational thinking lessons, to its seamless integration with real programming languages like C/C++ and Python, GinoBot adapts to different learning stages. Whether you’re introducing coding fundamentals or diving into advanced electronics, GinoBot remains an engaging and educational companion.

Experience innovation, creativity, and learning come together seamlessly with the INVENTOR ROBOTIZED – GinoBot. Ignite your child’s passion for STEM and provide them with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

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