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Introducing the CREATIVE ENGINEERING series – a condensed presentation of the ENGINO system, perfect for online stores. This innovative collection combines best-selling models from our traditional ENGINO ranges, fostering the spirit of young engineers and inventors. Emphasizing creativity, numerous models can be crafted from a single set. STEM principles are elevated through advanced digital content, enriching theory and hands-on experimentation. Each set is housed in a convenient plastic tub for easy storage and ongoing play. Our “Maker Junior” suits pre-schoolers aged 4-6, featuring the award-winning Qboidz system. For older kids aged 7-12+, the “Maker Master” offers a range of options, beginning with the “20 models in 1” kit and progressing to the more intricate “60 models in 1” edition, which includes motorized control. While the ENGINO system is inclusive for all genders, the “Maker Girl” special edition encourages active engagement of girls in STEM adventures. Transform your child’s learning journey today.

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