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Buki Kid’s Metal Detectors



Elevate Adventure with Buki Kid’s Metal Detectors!

Are you ready to inspire your young explorers’ imaginations? Look no further. Whether in the backyard or on a thrilling expedition, this remarkable device promises hours of engaging fun. Featuring a convenient backlit digital display and an adjustable audio feature with controllable volume; bringing a new dimension to treasure hunting. Imagine the delight on their faces as they unearth hidden treasures and ancient artefacts, sparking their curiosity about the world around them. What sets these metal detectors apart is their adaptability. The adjustable handle length and detection sensitivity ensure that each adventure is tailored to your child’s preferences. Whether they’re beginners or budding experts, every treasure hunt becomes a unique experience.

As parents, you’ll appreciate the hands-on learning opportunities these detectors offer. While your children are immersed in outdoor play, they’re also developing critical thinking skills and boosting their confidence as they uncover buried treasures.

Please note that the Buki Kid’s Metal Detectors require a 9V battery (LR61) for operation. (Battery not included)

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