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The holiday season is a magical time for nurturing your child’s curiosity and fostering their development through purposeful play. This Christmas, let Toytastic help you find the perfect Christmas learning & development toys to stimulate growing minds and imaginations.

Discover captivating Christmas learning toys designed to teach core skills in a fun and engaging way. From classic wooden toys that build motor skills to hands-on STEM sets for future scientists and engineers, we have something for every age and interest.

Best of all, our selection of Christmas learning & development toys will provide endless entertainment this holiday season as you spend precious time together. Here’s a few toys from our collection:

Early Learning Takes Flight This Christmas

Let their imagination take flight with the Sit-To-Walk Activity Centre – Owl. This 2-in-1 toy easily transforms from a stationary activity centre into a push-along walker. With its upright owl seat, textured wheels, snack tray, and suction cup toy, it will captivate your little one during playtime. The vibrant colours and tactile features promote motor skills, balance, and sensory development. It’s the perfect companion for your child’s early learning adventures.

Waddle Into Imaginative Play This Winter

Add some waddle and fun to playtime with our delightful Push-Along Animal – Penguin! from Goki. This smooth wooden penguin with vibrant colours is the ideal height for little hands to grasp and guide. As they push this friendly penguin around the house, it promotes gross motor skills through active play. The charming design is sure to inspire giggles and imaginary adventures. An ideal gift this Christmas!

Rev Up Their Learning & Development This Holiday

For our little would-be engineers, with have Buki Toys – V8 Engine. Rev up their curiosity about how things work with this meticulously detailed Engine Model Kit. With 270+ parts, lights, and sound effects, budding engineers will be immersed in hands-on learning as they assemble their very own working model engine. The included full-colour guidebook reveals the inner workings of the engine and the 4-stroke cycle. It’s an enriching STEM toy for ages 10+!

Explore the Winter Skies with Learning & Development Toys!

Safely indoors on cold nights, foster your child’s fascination with space with the Telescope Optical Glass Kit tailored for kids 8+. It includes a telescope, finder scope, lenses, tripod, star map, and activity guide. Introduce young astronomers to the wonders of the cosmos, planets, and beyond. By day, observe nature and landmarks up close. A stellar educational toy to unwrap this Christmas!

Order Yours Today from Toytastic and Make This Christmas One to Remember!

This holiday season, enrich your child’s world with Christmas learning & development toys from Toytastic. With our collection of engaging, skill-building toys for all ages, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to spark your child’s curiosity and promote their growth through purposeful play. Explore our full selection today!