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Discover Timeless Fun with Traditional Games at Toytastic

At Toytastic, we believe in the enduring power of traditional games to bring family and friends together. These classics inspire friendly competition and quality time that creates lifelong memories. Explore our featured selection of timeless games below and elevate your next game night!



Strategise Your Way to Victory with Chess

Magnetic Chess Set – Wooden Hinged Case – £49.99 – Outwit your opponent in the ultimate, traditional game of strategy with this magnetic chess set in a handsome wooden hinged case. The magnetic pieces ensure stability during intense matches, while the compact case makes storage and travel easy. Chess develops critical thinking, concentration, and sportsmanship – making this set a gift that will keep on giving for chess lovers of all ages.

We also have a Chess Set with drawers for the magnetic pieces instead of a foldable board – you can take a look here!

Outmanoeuvre Opponents in Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers – Goki Basic – £39.99 – Jump to victory in an exciting match of Chinese checkers! This traditional game features a beautifully crafted pine board and vibrant marbles that delight children and adults alike. Strategise your way across the star-shaped board, outmanoeuvring opponents before they block your path to triumph. With quality construction made to last, this Chinese checkers set is an essential addition to family game night.

Children will love displaying their crystalline creations. It’s a fun introduction to chemistry that keeps kids engaged while teaching them about crystal growth. Ideal for ages 8 and up.

Roll the Dice on Excitement with Backgammon

Backgammon Game – Goki Basic – £39.99 – Gather around for a rousing game of backgammon! This classic game in a wooden folding box makes family game night easy. Learn the rules together and let friendly competition ensue. With quality wooden pieces built to last, the backgammon game from Goki brings generations together through timeless entertainment.

Embrace Your Inner Viking with Outdoor Kubb

Kubb Viking Game – Goki Basic – £69.99 – Bring a slice of history to life in your backyard with this thrilling outdoor game. Channel your inner Viking as you employ strategy to topple enemy Kubbs and conquer the King! Portable and durable, the Goki Kubb Viking game packs up neatly for adventures, making it the perfect outdoor entertainment for families.

We also stock different size versions of this ancient game – both indoor and outdoor versions. Take a look at our Games & Puzzles collection!

Put Your Strategy to the Test in Kalaha

Kalaha Game in a Cotton Bag – £19.99 Kalaha is an ancient and captivating, traditional game of strategy and decision-making that engages minds young and old. With its convenient cotton bag for portability, the Kalaha game can be played anywhere for on-the-go family fun. Simple rules make it easy to learn, while complex tactics keep enthusiasts enthralled for hours. Gather the family and embrace this timeless classic – an engaging battle of wits for all ages!

Test Your Steady Hands with Block Stacking

GoKi – Tumbling Tower – £24.99 – The suspense builds as players delicately stack wooden blocks into a teetering tower! With each strategic move, you bring the tumbling finale closer until finally, the tower collapses in exhilarating fashion. This timeless block stacking game will have little ones on the edge of their seats. The Tumbling Tower from Goki also comes in a coloured version – with red, yellow and blue blocks instead of the classic wooden pieces.

Flex Your Mind with Solitaire

Solitaire Game – 33 Holes – £29.99 – Challenge yourself in this traditional wooden solitaire game with 33 holes. Eliminate marbles one by one by jumping over your opponent, using strategic thinking to best this brain-building puzzle. With quality construction made to endure years of solo play, this beautiful solitaire board game will delight children and adults alike.

Explore More Traditional Games!

If these traditional board and puzzle games have you feeling nostalgic, discover our full range of classic toys that provide timeless fun for the whole family. At Toytastic, we believe the simple pleasures of yesterday hold wonderful lessons for the children of today.

Bring home classic games from our collection and make new memories with old favourites! – Take a look below, or browse our Games & Puzzle section on Toytastic’s homepage.