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Buki Toys – Volcanoes & Dinosaurs


Step into the enchanting world of prehistoric wonders with our captivating Buki Toys – Volcanoes & Dinosaurs Discovery Set! This extraordinary kit, perfect for budding young explorers aged 8 and up, offers a thrilling journey through time. Immerse yourself in 15 exhilarating experiments that unveil the mysteries of both volcanoes and dinosaurs.

Unearth the thrill of volcanic eruptions right in your own home as you craft your fiery lava displays. Dive into the geological wonders with three included volcanic rocks: pumice stone, granite, and basalt. Illuminate your space with a mesmerizing lava lamp, a dazzling creation all your own.

But that’s not all! Embark on an archaeological adventure as you excavate and assemble a lifelike Tyrannosaurus skeleton. Delve deeper into the past with six informative volcano cards, a captivating Volcano Labyrinth map, shadow card, and a fascinating Dinosaur Profile card.

We haven’t forgotten the bookworms! Our kit includes a 36-page, full-colour booklet that delves into the captivating world of volcanoes and dinosaurs, providing endless hours of learning and entertainment.

The Volcanoes and Dinosaurs Set is your ticket to a world where history comes to life. Delight in the perfect blend of education and excitement, making it an ideal gift for inquisitive minds. Join us on this incredible journey and ignite your child’s passion for science and adventure.

Unlock the secrets of the past today with the Buki Toys – Volcanoes & Dinosaurs from Toytastic.

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