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Touch Ring Elastic (Rainbow Ball)



Introducing the Touch Ring Elastic (Rainbow Ball). It’s the perfect choice to engage and delight your little one in their early months of discovery!

Crafted with precision and care, this multi-coloured wooden wonder is designed to stimulate your baby’s senses. While also promoting their overall development. Made in Germany for over half a century, Heimess boasts a legacy of quality and safety. Every component of this rainbow ball-shaped touch toy is thoughtfully crafted from Beech, Maple, and Nut Wood. This ensures durability and eco-friendliness.

The vivid, non-toxic, and saliva-resistant colours are not just eye-catching but also safe for your little explorer. You can trust that your child can put this toy in their mouth without a second thought. Heimess understands that babies are naturally curious, which is why they’ve designed this toy with safe movable parts that encourage exploration. The metallic bell inside adds an element of surprise. An auditory stimulation, captivating your baby’s attention.

Cleaning is a breeze – just use warm water, and the Touch Ring Elastic (Rainbow Ball) will be ready for more playtime adventures. While wooden toys may show signs of wear over time, rest assured that the loss of colour won’t compromise its safety.

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