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Touch Ring Elastic – (Moon and Star)


Introducing the Touch Ring Elastic – (Moon and Star). Made by Heimess.

The perfect companion for your little one’s developmental journey. Designed to engage and stimulate your baby’s senses, this tactile wonder is a must-have for curious minds. Crafted with care from native woods, this touch ring boasts a blend of light and dark wood tones, adding a touch of natural beauty to playtime. Its elasticized design allows it to stretch and flex, providing endless entertainment for tiny fingers.

At its heart, the Touch Ring Elastic – (Moon and Star) is a sensory marvel. The larger ring, accompanied by a charming star and moon piece, captivates your baby’s attention and encourages the grip reflex. As they explore the textures and shapes, they’ll embark on a sensory adventure, discovering the world around them. Rest assured, this touch ring is free from harmful substances like formaldehyde, making it a trusted choice for your precious one. The nickel-free metal components ensure that every playtime moment is safe and worry-free.

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